This accommodation is licensed, inspected, clean comfortable!

This accommodation is licensed, inspected, clean comfortable!

This accommodation is licensed, inspected, clean comfortable! This accommodation is licensed, inspected, clean comfortable! This accommodation is licensed, inspected, clean comfortable!

Hospitality with 21 years of award winning service!

About Us


You can eat breakfast at your choice of time.

Breakfast foods hot and cold are supplied.   

Enjoy a self-made, self-serve breakfast; hot or cold. 

 You can choose from the following hot and cold breakfast foods: bacon, eggs bread, milk, juice, a variety of hot and cold cereal, condiments, hot chocolate.  All day coffee, tea.  

Guests are welcome to purchase lunch and supper items locally and can cook prepare other meals here! 

In summer there are two BBQ available for guest use.


We offer:



Embleton House is an environmentally friendly accommodation that is concerned about you, your comfort, health and well being. 

We are allergy conscious. We do not have carpeting. We have fresh air exchange in all suites and indoor floor heating to minimize air born allergies.
We do extensive recycling. and have environment friendly cleaning practices. 


We offer two levels of an accommodation; 

(A) standard, (B) business / luxury class.


For your health: 

We offer secure, clean, safe, smoke, pet free, environmentally friendly accommodation.

For your safety:

We are a licensed and inspected.

We are a community accountable, tax paying, licensed, government registered accommodation provider.

We have passed all necessary criteria to be a legal, healthy, safe, environmentally friendly business.


We are approved accommodation provider for Canadian 

Government employees. 


We are proud member of:

"CFIB" Canadian Federation Of Independent Business 

"PAII" Professional Association of Innkeepers International.  Spectacular NWT Tourism Association 


Our promise to you! 

We promise to deliver accommodation that is clean, comfortable and quite and friendly. 

At Embleton House Guests are our first priority! 


As permanent, life time residents of Yellowknife, we offer our guests:

Local knowledge, pass to you what other guests have told us about activities in the city and who offers what. We know our local history and give information on things to do in our city, 


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Whether this is your first visit, or you have been a guest many times, we want your experience to be excellent. Our staff is always available to help with any questions or concerns you may have. 


Our Business is built on customer service and referrals Most of our customers are referred or are repeat customers.

 Many guests return again and again. All of them have become part of the Embleton House B&B / Small Inn family. 

Guests from around the will attest to the professionalism of our B&B /Small Inn and sincerity in which we offer our services. 

We want you to save money so  

"Please book direct! "


We are an award winning business with the awards to prove it.

We have been a licensed and approved B&B since 1999 . In 2004 we added four high end luxury studio suites and became a B&B / Small Inn. We have won many awards over the years, for Customer Service. , landscaping and  gardening. 

  Magazines that have  written articles about us are: "Above and Beyond Magazine", "Inn Keeper Magazine", "Kayak Magazine."

 We are proud member of:  "CFIB" (Canadian Federation of Independent Business,)  PAII (Professional Association of Independent Innkeepers.) Spectacular NWT Tourism Association)  We are approved accommodation for Government of Canada Employees. We are part of the BIP program of the NWT ( Business Incentives of NWT) We are an approved mentor for "N T I " (NWT Tourism and Investment ) 

Our ACCOMMODATION Luxury & Standard


The sun rises on "The Sun Rise Suite" #5 every morning

This is a high end studio Suite with many amenities. Full private bathroom, a air massage tub for two , fireplace and a reclining love seat, TV, Wi-Fi, private phone and hot and cold  food for a self-serve, self-made breakfast when you want it. You can also cook other meals in this suite.  In floor heat, and fresh air exchange, allergy free place, environmentally friendly.  


Al's Hideaway Suite #6 The place where you can hideaway in comfort!

  This suite is spacious. It has a comfortable twin & queen bed. It is often used for families or friends travelling together. It has private full bathroom an additional air massage tub for two in the suite, kitchenette, supplied hot and cold breakfast foods, Private phone, cable TV, Wi-Fi, It has in-floor heat and fresh air exchange , no carpeting smoke and pet free.


The Heritage Suite #6 Where you can explore Yellowknife Heritage and Culture. .

  This suite is spacious. It has a comfortable twin & queen bed. It is often used for families or friends travelling together. It has private full bathroom an additional air massage tub for two in the suite, kitchenette, supplied hot and cold breakfast foods, Private phone, cable TV, Wi-Fi, It has in-floor heat and fresh air exchange , no carpeting smoke and pet free.


Everyone loves to be a Captain! "The Captains Suite # 4"

Everyone loves this self contained suite and everyone says the same thing when they see it.  (A) "I am surprised at how big it is ( B) Are these amenities, free?" . (C) There is a spa tub for two as well as a full bathroom? (D) Can i really see the Aurora from bed on a clear night."  (E) can I  eat breakfast at any time i want ? 

(G) There is a fire place!!! (H) I will never want to leave this place

A shared guest apartment with three private bedrooms

" The Angel Room" Private Bedroom # 2


Above is photo of the: 

"Angel Room, Private bedroom # 2" 

It has a choice of:  Two twin beds or one king bed. It also has a vanity and sink in it. Private phone with voice mail , Cable TV, Complimentary WiFi 

  In our standard three bedroom apartment B&B you can rent an individual bedroom  and share the kitchen living room and bathroom of the suite with other guests -or- you can rent all three and have the apartment for your self. 

 Each bedroom can accommodate two persons. This apartment has a full kitchen, sitting room and a bathroom. Breakfast is supplied: for you to choose from at your choice if time.   Save Money: purchase food at the store and cook other meals in the kitchen or on the BBQ 

. Amenities are: Each bedroom has a phone with voice mail, cable TV. and WI-FI Two bedrooms have the choice of one king bed or two twin beds, the third bedroom has one queen bed.. Bathroom has shampoo, conditioner and hair dryer, Bathroom and bedroom have monogrammed towels and linens.  

"The Bears Den"


"The Bears Den"

 Private Bedroom # 1" 

Is a very We love special occasions! comfortable bedroom with a great Queen Size bed. It has a large closet and dresser. It  has Cable TV, WiFi and a private phone with voice mail  

Guests are welcome to use the kitchen,  Cooking other meals in the kitchen can Saves you Money  purchase food and store and cook it in our guest kitchen  or on the  BBQ .

Breakfast Foods are Supplied: 

We supply hot and cold breakfast foods. Milk, juice, coffee, tea, three kids of cold cereal, hot cereal, eggs, bacon, and fruit portions.  Every day you can have breakfast, You can choose what you want how you want it and when you want it. You can eat at what ever time you wish. Breakfast is self-made and self- serve.   .


The Northern Room Private Bedroom # 3

The Northern Room
Private Bed Room # 3

The Northern room represents us northerners. It is decorated in a rustic style with some wood and northern photos.  It has a choice of two comfortable twin beds or one cozy king size bed. It has large closet, Cable TV. a private phone with voice mail,  complimentary WiFi . 

It a shares kitchen, living-room, bathroom with other guests. 

This room is perfect for two people. 

In winter it is nice and warm and in summer it is cool. 


Do you have friends and family who want  to travel and be together? Why not rent the whole apartment! 

For availability and prices -

Call 1-867-873-2892 extension 0 


Our four Studio self contained Suites are architecturally designed for comfort and luxury!

View of Entrance B to the foyer of our 4 luxury suites. Sun Rise Suite
If you're looking to create a


All studio suites are self contained. 

breakfast foods are included,

Kitchenettes with ceramic stove tops,  microwave, under counter fridge,Two suites have an additional twin bed, 

Two have fireplaces and skylights. 

Full Private bathrooms, 

as well as an air massage tub for two in every suite, 

 All suites have;
complementary WI-FI,

Cable TV , 

Queen beds, 

Iron, ironing boards, hairdryers, private phones, make up mirrors, and wipes, Keurige Coffee Machines, tea kettles, dishes, pots pans. laundry facility by appointment s available.. It is a pay per load to wash and dry.

Little things that make a big difference! 

in floor heat

fresh air exchange. 

Hard wired fire alarms, fire suppression water sprinkler system, i(inspected annually.) 

We are an environmental friendly accommodation., 

All suites are carpet free

smoke and pet free 

 We do our best to recycle and look after the environment.  

We love special occasions!


Tell us about your special occasion and how you would like to celebrate! 


We will shop for you for special items that you want to make your occasion memorable. 

We can suggest special art pieces and gifts to commemorate your special occasion..

We will help you accomplish an affordable attention to detail stay!

We will even accommodate your family and friends.  

Call us and find out how we can help you make this the best event ever! 

Display their FAQs



1/ DO I have to cook our own breakfast? 

Answer: Yes! At Embleton House guests stay out until two three or four in the morning watching the Aurora. Others are leaving between 4 Am and 6 Am to catch international flights. This way every one eats when they want and what they want. No one wants to get up for breakfast before they need to. 

2/ What do you supply for breakfast? Answer: We supply eggs, bacon, bread, fruit, three kinds of cold cereal and hot cereal, milk, coffee juice.


3/ Do we have to take a tour to see the Aurora? 

Answer: No, you can see the aurora from anywhere when the sky is clear. It is best when there is no light pollution and this includes full moon. 

4/ What time does the aurora come out? 

Answer: I would like to say i turn on the aurora switch every night at 9 PM but the truth of the matter is it is out almost every-night but you may not see it if it is cloudy. When it is dark and the sky is clear most often you will get a viewing of it.  It can be there one minute or for hours. Sometimes it appears and disappears quickly depending on the solar winds. If you really want to see it you need to stay out there or you will miss it. 

5/ What kind of cloths do i need? 

Answer: You need warm cloths when you go out in winter. I suggest layered clothing and good foot wear and warm socks. You should have a hoodie with a draw string. I find wearing one under a coat and being able to tie the hood around your neck to keep the wind out, really helpful. You will need a good hat, mitts, wind pants, long under-ware. Long sleeved shirts are also great.

6/ What to wear indoors in winter:You will want warm socks and slippers, long pants and long sleeves. Often when you come in from out-doors you will be chilled. Northerners when this happens layer up their clothing. Heating is expensive so rather then turn up the heat most do this and helps get rid of the chills, quickly. 

7/ In Summer our temperatures can be as warm as +35 but they does not last long. Our normal summer temperature is about 21 to 27 C. 

8/ Do you have rooms service: 

Answer: not like a hotel: In the shared guest apartment every day we clean the shared kitchen living room and bathroom and empty the garbage. 

We replenish breakfast foods daily. 

Guests in private bedrooms  look after their own rooms. We change led sheets and clean private bedrooms every seven days.  Guest had access to fresh towels as needed. We clean kitchen, living room and bathroom everyday. 

The private suites: When guests go out

(or when we see their shoes gone from the foyer) We enter the suite and clean them, make the bed if necessary, and replenish breakfast foods and linens as needed. 

Note: Because you are welcome to provide your own food for lunch and supper and cook here we don't do dishes in shared kitchen or in privates suites guests are required to wash dry and put away their own dishes. 

Our Payment and cancellation policies




Payment Polices: 

When you book your accommodation, you will be charged a deposit of 25% of the total amount of your booking that includes GST. 

This deposit will be applied to your invoice. 

A copy of the invoice with the payment reflection on it will be sent to you as a receipt. 

You will receive an Invoice and a confirmation attached to a email. 

 14 days prior to your arrival date the remaining amount owed for the booking will be processed and a copy of your paid invoice will be emailed to you. 

Your card number will be kept on file to pay for any other charges that occur when you are here such as laundry, parking, if there are any. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have making this reservation less than 14 days prior to your arrival the entire amount of your stay will be collected in full and is non refundable unless you inform us of your changed plans and we are able to re-book the time you reserved. 

Note to Government of NWT Employees: 

 If you are booking through GNWT you must use your government credit card, and supply a GST exemption number to be GST exempt.  

Our cancellation policies

Entrance B to Embleton House Suites.winter view.  Located under the porch with a roof and next to th




Cancellation Polices: 

A/ If you cancel 14-days prior to your arrival the 25% deposit given at time of booking we will refund you.

B/ If you cancel with in the 14 nights time frame prior to your arrival date you will not be refunded anything unless we are able to reserve the time you booked to another person. If we are able to do that, for every night that you reserved we will be refunded the full cost of that night less your 25% deposit on that night. 

C/ When you book a copy of confirmation of reservation and a copy of your invoice showing the deposit payment you made  will be sent to you in an email after receipt of this booking form. 

D/ On the 14th day prior to your arrival the payment for your stay will be put through and a copy of that payment will be sent to you. 

E/ If you have cancelled before 14 days (2 weeks) of your arrival date we will send you a refund for every night we are able to book that you reserved less the 25% deposit  


Employees of the Canadian Federal Government 

Your cancellation policy will be as negotiated with public Works Canada. 



Display real testimonials

Embleton House is surely a comfortable and cozy B&B . I will recommend to all my friends who would like to visit Yellowknife in the future. Ken and Faith, thanks for providing such a nice place to stay. Ada / Sherry 

It was such a lovely place to stay Thanks for everything! Take care See you - Kim and Lee

Most lovely place I've ever stayed Gentle Ken and Kind Faith  ,Calm and peace  Kwang Pyo Ko 

Thanks for everything! Grandma was so kind and nice (is it ok, to say Grandma?) This is best accommodation in Yellowknife. The Northern lights are so amazing! I want to come here again in winter. I hope everything is gonna be good Jahee Lee

Thank you Faith !I am leaving Embleton House.  At last i saw Aurora! yesterday  night finally!! I am so pleased and hope you always happy, healthy, Bye !

What a lovely place! Love you always Crystal 

 Thank you for the stay Brooks Alberta

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